you have got to be kidding

at 4:45am on Thursday morning, my neighbor above me in belton (this is why i always want to live on the top floor) decided to run on her treadmill. really? REALLY?! i got up, walked outside, checked the windows (her’s was lit), and then knocked on her door. no answer. probably couldn’t hear me. so i left a note. she ran until 5:05 and then took a shower. i couldn’t get back to sleep until 6, alarm at 6:30. i was a basket case the rest of the day. her reply said she had no idea the noise would travel through (REALLY?! you are RUNNING ON MY CEILING!), that she USUALLY ran outside and it SHOULDN’T happen again. really? it better not EVERY happen again. run at 10am, 4pm, 8pm, sure, fine. but not before 8 in the morning. anyhow…i took the note to the office as a paper trail. told them i didn’t need them to talk to her, just wanted them to be aware. i like my new office. i like my new flat, with the exception of running neighbors.

why must i have these constant irritations in life? why can’t things just go smoothly?

i did get to have a wonderful bitch session with two different sets of classmates this week. it made me feel much better. it made me feel i am not alone in my annoyance of some of our classmates. i am not perfect, and i know i annoy people sometimes. but really, some of this behaviour…we aren’t going to bother with some of these people anymore.

had an annoying incident in class on thursday where several people came to my defense. i appreciated it. i think one of the reasons people support me is because i ask the questions others want to hear. some people are afraid to ask questions, i really don’t understand why, but they do. i ask questions. i challenge things that don’t seem quite right. this both annoys and pleases my instructors. they like students who want to learn, but sometimes i am just too much. i try to know the line.

packing day.

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