Daily Archives: October 6, 2010

so tired

in a way, it is good that my salad-o roommate is moving to CA. i am not getting enough sleep in that house. so many times a night i get woken up by her and her dog. she can sleep through anything, most people can’t. i woke up at 1:30, 4, 5 and 5:30. so exhausted. don’t think i will go to pharm today so i can take a nap. dull, i realize. but very big in my life right now!

had an intro exam yesterday. i think it is highly likely i got 100%. it was crazy easy. sort of disturbingly so. i had a classmate ask me why i don’t go to med school instead of becoming a nurse. she suggested i was smarter than nursing. very flattering, but i have no interest in med school. too much straight memorization. i am a little worried about wanting to get more involved in the medical diagnosis than i am suppose to. but, i suppose, it depends on the area i work in.

just practiced assisted falls. wrong day to wear a dress and pumps.

victory! sort of

got 84 on my skills exam, 88 on pharm. totally satisfied with that. still think i got 100% on intro. finished my drug commercial review for pharm. everything takes longer than i estimate it will. i had planned to have the commercials done last night, but the skills quiz took me longer than planned. tonight i had wanted to finish my client care plan due tuesday. nope. at least i will sleep well tonight.

found a better flat to move into. won’t be able to paint the walls, as i am on the ground floor and it would be too easy for mgmt to notice, but, it is a much brighter, happier flat. down the street from my coffee shop too. HEB near by. dry cleaner. perhaps i will let the kitties out! and this is a done deal. signed the lease today. i still haven’t gotten the final ok from the place i had talked to last week. i am hoping they will continue to drag their feet and i can tell them that they waited too long and get my deposit back (only $200, but still, that is a nice pair of shoes). regardless, i am delighted to have everything squared away and have a place that doesn’t completely suck.

got my clinical location today. we start in like 2 weeks. very exciting, but sort of nerve wracking too. i don’t have “you know who” so that is really all that matters. man, stuff is moving so fast.