status update

got my clinical exam back today. got a 95. i am surprised by this. i mean, i knew it was better than the first clinical exam. but i am surprised i did that well. only missed info on the vital signs section. (and i bet one of them is the one about rotating someone after back surgery…how the hell would i know?!). passed my medicine administration check-off today. the only mistake i made was that i forget to bring my gauze to the room. i did realize it BEFORE i did the injection though. wasn’t that hard. basically, i know how to give an injection now.

tomorrow is the intro exam. lots of info. TONS of info. we’ll see how that goes. started to feel crappy when i got home. thick-head (took sinus meds) and achy-ness. hope i am not worse tomorrow.

still haven’t gotten my full approval on my flat in temple. which makes me nervous. tonight i almost changes my mind and thought “i’ll just commute from austin”. but then i realized how crazy that is. i need those hours for studying. i just really wish i could find another room up here. damn it.

i really want to change the photo on my homepage. but i just haven’t had the time. downtime has been about being down. maybe thanksgiving break.

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