my coffee shop

looking toward the front door of bodega bean (link is their FB page as they don’t have a website) in belton, tx

looking at the barista perch.

man, i am busy.

ks – uniformly sexy tomorrow. a friend help me set-up the house today. it was nice not to have this sense of “7 hours to the party! argh 6 hours to the party! OMG! 5 hours to the party! crap! 4 hours to the party…” well, you get the drift. it was just cool to have time. tomorrow i will go over and vacuum (so the cats can sleep indoors tonight) and andreas will put up some final decorations while i cover things at secret oktober. woohoo! then i shall be a slightly inappropriate den mother. my outfit is awesome.

sunday will be about getting my act together and studying math with one of my classmates. i think i will be a good teacher, but we’ll see. the woman that taught me dimensional analysis was a genius and i am just going to do what she did. pick-up food. get to salad-o, get some sleep. damn, i need to practice more BPs now that my BP cuff has arrived. sheesh. i am so busy.

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