end of week 2

tomorrow is the last day of week 2. we have skills. and everyone knows chicks dig skills! ahem…sorry…we will be bathing, bed changing and practicing vital signs. i ordered a blood pressure cuff so i can practice this weekend. readers in austin, please email me if you are willing to be a fake patient. i really need to practice. if i don’t pass the check-off next thursday, i am out of the program. anyhow…we had the “reader of slides” again today. only today she was even worse. she didn’t read from the slides, she had her own notes and was COMPLETELY unprepared to deliver them. the subjects jumped all over the place. she kept trying to reference the book but had no idea what page she wanted (these spent a bunch of time just flipping pages back-and-forth). she would suddenly decide she had missed something and randomly throw something in. she is obviously tired of teaching. the lectures are useless, and, considering the last test, she obviously picks the questions directly from the tables and boxes she finds in the chapters (she introduced bedpans today, which are NOT in the chapter, though she kept insisting they were). at one point she said “whether your patient is obese or emancipated”. i googled it, there is no alternative definition for emancipated that means thin/skinny. emaciated means “to waste away physically”. emancipated means “to free from restraint, control, or the power of another; especially : to free from bondage”. and she said the word several times. it was embarrassing. my only hope is, the new teacher sat in for most of the class, so perhaps she was horrified. perhaps she will go talk to the director. i certainly hope so. it isn’t my grades i care about, it is learning meaningful material. that is NOT going to happen with this woman. our pharm teacher pronounced thalidomide wrong too. it is weird. but i still like it. it is still awesome info.

unfortunately, i don’t have the cable, with me, to download pictures from my camera. i have found an AWESOME coffee shop in belton and was there for the second night in a row. it is called bodega bean, and though they had a youth bible study in the second room from 6-8, it is a beautiful shop, the coffee is good and the bathroom very clean! it has wifi and stuff too. the seating is not the most comfortable, not enough space for all my books. damn there are a lot of books in nursing. but i really like it there. and i think i am going to have to give up the clement for studying mon/wed nights. i really need big blocks of time to study and i don’t think i am going to get them on the weekends.

damn, i am tired.

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