my first test in nursing school

today’s test was for clinical nursing. topics were safety and infectious control. i admit, i didn’t study much. but the topic was very common sense related. it wasn’t a bad test. only one of the questions had i not had any experience with (what is the most important thing to do when you are preparing a bed for an incoming patient…consensus…lock the wheels). the rest i had heard/read about. most i knew the answer without even seeing the choices. a few i was torn between a couple of choices. the one on restraints, i changed my answer 3 times…the last time to the wrong answer. 100% is out of the question, but 98% is possible. 75% is possible too (which is the lowest score you can get in nursing school…better than business school where the low score was 80). it was just one of those tests where you could have been correct on every judgement call, or none. but it felt good.

i did learn an important reality about my clinical instructor. you know, the one that reads the slides to the class? yeah, well, it is the tables. that is what she cares about. she references the tables/boxes in the book quite a bit. and that is where she picks her questions. taking notes from the lecture is almost a complete waste of time. good to know.

KS this weekend. theme is uniformly sexy! not really prepared for this one, as school is really my priority for the next 2 years. going to have to find a way to make it work around studying. i am a bit behind the curve with all my social and errand activities this weekend. gotta catch-up! NO! gotta get ahead!

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