Daily Archives: September 6, 2010

running at full speed

though i admit, that running, wasn’t with my books enough. it was an overly social weekend. too many things to do. i am going to have to find a way to slow things down. a lot of it was errands. things i realize i needed to pick-up or put in place now that school has started. i promise to be more time organized this week.

this is my room in salado, or as Mo and i like to say…Salad-O!

the dresser and mattress are mine. the couch belongs to emily. she is the renter of this small house and i am her sub-renter. takes about 20 min to get to class (including parking and walking to the classroom). it is DARK out here. no street lights. though there is a lot of light pollution from nearby cities so i can’t quite see the stars. at ground level though, i can’t see the street i want to turn on either.

i have my first exam tomorrow. it is on safety and infection control. multiple choice, best matching and some fill-in-the-blank. i haven’t studied much, but i am not very worried. mostly i feel guilty. it just isn’t a difficult subject. it was a too busy weekend. should have put aside more time for just sitting and reading my textbook. next weekend is kinky salon, so there will be even less time, really. but i am getting and idea of what time i need to stay on top of it all. it isn’t hard, just voluminous. this is a different way of thinking about studying for me. we’ll see. i am more worried about my vital signs check-off week after next. so far i can’t hear all the phases of taking a client’s blood pressure. that worries me. if i don’t pass the check-off, i am out. i would feel SERIOUSLY dumb if this is what did it. going to spend time in the lab and ask an instructor to listen in with me. point to me when the phases change so i can try and learn what they sound like. perhaps i just don’t recognize them. now that i think about it…my book comes with a CD that has the sounds, i think. hmmmm……