day 2

well, everyone i have talked to agrees. our clinical lecturer is NOT the greatest instructor. she reads the slides. she JUST READS THEM TO US. it’s nuts. a total waste of time. she is adding NO value. she has been struggling with pronunciations too. wtf? i am still totally excited about school. so far i haven’t learned anything i didn’t already really know. certainly i we have learned is data so far. no learning. but i am thinking this is going to be a lot of memorization. not my strong suit, but, i don’t think the program will be terribly hard. at least this semester. perhaps skills class, which is tomorrow, will be more of a challenge.

i think the rest of the class finds me unapproachable. i ask a lot of questions. i don’t express myself as being stressed either. cause i am not. most of the class is freaking out already. i don’t quite get that. still, i wish that they would have invited me to their study session tomorrow. i am going to try and find a way to ask for an invite. just because i am not freaked about it, doesn’t mean i don’t need to study. we’ll see. i do this to myself, so, ultimately, i’ll live.

had to buy a sweater at macy’s. don’t think i would be able to handle another day in those rooms without it. brrr. there are NO coffee shops in temple, besides starbucks. i did find 2 in belton though. yeah! today i studied at “cuppy’s coffee” at the mall. that was weird. glad i found some real places for the future.

well, onward i go!

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