Daily Archives: August 29, 2010

this is it

school starts in 7:30 hours. yeah. i am up too late. but i am so excited! andreas took a picture of me in my car with all my stuff. i am sitting on my ikea futon/mattress now in my home-away-from-home. emily is my landlord. she’s really young and super independent. sounds like another roommate i have….my mom called while i was on my way to temple (i actually live in salado, mo and i pronounce is salad-o) to wish me a great first day! that was so nice! christine posted a good luck on my facebook page. i am so excited!

bunch of stuff happened since i got back from christine’s. got some cool photos to post. just been too busy. MAYBE i will get around to it later this week. depends on the homework load. i am making no commitments this week until i get a sense of what it is going to take to get through this term. nervous, but not.

picked up the new stella. it is black and sitting in the corner of the garage. i am going to get the cover back from katie (who isn’t really using it) and cover her up. was a pleasure to ride home though.

omg omg omg. this is so exciting!