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aren’t i cute? you can’t really see my PINK stethoscope (that my awesome friend daniel morgan bought me as gift!) but it is there. scrub sizes aren’t real standard. the pants are medium, the top is small and the lab coat is x-small. the shoes are dansko, and my roommate found them at another nordstrom for me! i am getting excited. well, more excited. i just really want to get into it and start doing stuff!

i did half an hour of yoga tonight (3 sets of sun salutation, then 3 sets sun salutation with warrior 1 on each side, then 3 sets of sun salutation with warrior 2 on each side, body twist) while watching a stand-up show on netflix on-demand. it was weird. i am not big on the woohoo, but yoga to stand-up felt weird. but i can almost get my heels to the floor in down dog now. that makes me proud.

i think i need a new camera. my pictures of been getting really fuzzy. must have dropped the camera one to many times. not that i drop it a lot. and it hasn’t shattered like the last one did. but they are looking pretty bad. what do you think?

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