Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

interesting twist

i read an article today that suggests the case against prop 8 may stop in CA. according to the article, UPDATE 1-California gay marriage case hangs on technicality, on reuters, it is suggested that, only the state has standing to appeal the case. the defense does not. and since the gover-nator and attorney general moonbeam don’t want to come out against or for the bill, there is no one to really appeal. won’t even get to the US supreme court in that case. pretty sneaky huh? both sides play these games, and i am happy they are in my favor this time, but i’d really like to see people AGREE that marriage is a right, thus should be extended to the LGBT community. of course, it takes time. “all in the family” was notorious for having their curmudgeon archie bunker bring all sorts of topics to tv for the first time. all under the guise of his conservative white male-ness. i have heard that finding out someone you know and like is gay goes a long way to change people’s opinions. maybe seeing their gay friends marry will do the same.

expensive day

well, my make-up bag is gone. it is just lipstick and my new powder, but the powder was brand new! argh! why do i keep losing things!!! bought my books for school, $713. glad the feds are paying for that. got my scrubs too. ditto the feds. got my hair re-inked so i would be shiny for chico this weekend. i am excited about going. i haven’t been anywhere since christmas. though it will be the same temp, at least it won’t be humid.

got an estimate on fixing blue. there are 3 options: stock, semi-hydraulic and full-hydraulic. full is a complete disk brake. but it requires a new headset and a reservoir on the headset. i’d like to keep my bike more vintage. the semi was the mod of its time and will still be a great improvement on the stock drum brake. $700. as my insurance payout was more than that, it is good (of course, i will have to pay to ship it back to texas, but, it’s my BLUE!)

helping a friend move tomorrow at 10am. am i nuts?