mixed day

i had an interview today. with northrup grumman. the are looking for a cost accountant for projects. i think i have a lot of strong positives around the work, but i am lacking some things too. the detail required sounds really awesome. but i am suppose to start nursing school in a couple of weeks. technically i can’t turn a job offer down, which is why i went to the interview. if it were a perm position, i would feel better. but it is temp-to-perm and i am afraid my weak areas would overwhelm my talents. and then i would be screwed. but it would be nice to work again.

baked cookies tonight. a lot of them.

watched a few episodes of the IT crowd. in the season finale they each end up waking up after the “thank-you” party with someone they don’t expect. such great characters. i would totally date either roy or moss.

too many cookies.

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