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got up at the crack of noon and have been fiddling with my website all day. i was synchronizing the photos i have uploaded with those i have in the folder on my hard drive. then i went through and made sure all the photos in the file are up on the site. i found 2 that weren’t posted or sitting in the “to be posted” folder. then i went to iPhoto to try and find a copy of an old photo that seems to be corrupt on the site and in the folder. couldn’t find it, but did find a bunch of photos i had taken but never posted. they are now in the “to be posted” folder. i now have 20 photos that i need to post. i will try and post one every couple of days so i can catch-up before the summer ends.

i also tried to add a really funny picture of me impersonating princess leia with a USPS post box but when i try to preview my kaos page i get “host cannot connect”. of course i get it in german because andreas, kindly and generously, rewrote the site for me. i seem to remember i had this problem when i first started updating after the rewrite, but i can’t remember what i had to fix. i checked the permissions, and i have read/write access. hm.

i also listened to all the purchased music i hadn’t previously listened to and rated it all. this file grows when i download the song of the week from iTunes. or buy anything. mostly recently, since the last time i have done this at least, i have purchased malcolm mcclaren and eminem. they were both ok.

dork day, i would say.

alamo is showing ghostbusters on 5th st tonight. starts soon. but it is 97 degrees out. i don’t want to go sit on a street in weather this hot. though i would really like to see the movie. guess i will wait until it gets dark, go for a bike ride and then pick up marc and kristin from the airport later. until then i will finish the book rhia lent me, “The Apocalyose Shift”. so far, it is entertaining.

p.s. went to the gym. it is 20:50 and still 93 degrees out. somehow i don’t think i am going on a bike ride.

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