my cat has a problem

the capo climbed up the shelves of the pantry and clawed at the catnip container this evening. he needs help. this gradual withdrawal is NOT working. anyone know a good cat rehab facility?

bought a bike today

made truffles for the first time yesterday. when they say they need to chill for 4 hours, they mean it. it was only about 1/2 solid. it made for very messy truffle rolling. the softer ones didn’t taste quite right either. i think it was mostly a texture thing. but texture is important in food. i am making another batch tonight. it will chill over night. i expect it will a piece of cake to roll out the truffles using the melon baller. then i need to find somewhere to take them.

as i go through my day, i often think of things i want to post on my blog. i should write them down, as i can’t remember them when i sit down to post. and i hate it. i used to be able to accumulate insightful thoughts all day and when i went to post, they were all there. i could put them together in a brilliant structure. plus throw in some stuff on shoes. getting old’s a bitch.

andreas and i had a rough week at the therapist. really rough. as in, i asked joseph “so, what do we do until next week?” anyhow, i think if we can get through the conversation, if we don’t break something completely before we get through it, it will be good for each of us. not just as a couple, but as individuals as well.

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