Daily Archives: July 31, 2010


laid down last night at 10, woke up at 6am this morning. sure, it was a nice deep sleep (though some how i ache) but DAMN i didn’t mean to just pass-out like that. must have been at all the 4am mornings watching true blood.

summer plans

my summer begins NOW! summer school is done. just gotta wait out the next month. my planned activities are as follows:
-yoga (have a 1 month pass for Eastside Yoga)
-fit foods 21-day challenge (see below)
-borrow Rosetta Stone from library (German and French (if time))
-varnish the cats good!
-bake, bake, bake
-watch a lot of netflix

the fit foods 21-day challenge: there is a new business in town where they make perfectly balanced individual meals you can buy 3 days or so in advance (or freeze for 2 weeks). they use the 40-40-20 pyramid. it is suppose to get you off high carb/sugar/fat foods, give you more energy and reset your metabolism. they say, on average, customers lose 8-12lbs in that period. though i would like to get under 130, i am really interested in resetting my palate. i found out about it because the company dropped a bunch of samples at andreas’ office yesterday and he brought me some. had the hawaiian chicken last night and it was yummy! the small meals run abut $6.25 a piece. i had a medium sized meal last night and it was too big. eating out one will easily spend $6.25, so it seems cost effective that way. sure, i might be able to cook cheaper for myself (though remember i have to buy organic or near-organic food so my food bill is a lot higher), but, i tend not to. anyhow, i am excited.

the was from the most recent steampunk night at elysium. andreas came as a british just back from safari!