today i couldn't be bothered

just didn’t feel up to anything today. i think the feeling originated from having nothing i really had to do. ended up spending most of the day on the couch reading junk. did finally go get some dinner. then decided i might as well read on the treadmill. did 90 min there. that helped. tomorrow i am going to try and force myself to get some small errand type stuff done. i have to deal with the fed gov’t on my health care tax credit. the paper work they want is proving difficult to come by. need to find a new GYN too. not that i need one right now, but a lot of them aren’t taking new patients, so i should sign-up somewhere. of course, by the time i need to see the GYN again my cobra will have expired. probably end up back to planned parenthood in that case. i need to go to the tax office to get a copy of the registration for the cupcake. it is missing. so, not the most exciting stuff. but stuff that i should get around to. perhaps i will go to the beauty school and get my hair curled for fun. only costs $8.

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