get that bug!

a beetle looking bug walked under my chair a few minutes ago. i didn’t scream. i did go get the cats and have them address it. the capo is still playing with it under my desk. i think. maybe he has moved on to the computer cables.

i believe i have mentioned before that i have a difficult time ‘getting things done’ if things aren’t ‘just so’. my study/work area has been a problem for a while. i haven’t been able to find the right desk and chair. things just didn’t feng shui for me. but i think i am close. i found a vintage desk, which i think was really a vanity originally. someone took off the mirror and sprayed it black. the important thing is it is low enough for me. all my previous desks have been too high and given me typing issues. of course, i am typing this on the couch (which has more to do with the bug, honestly). ANYHOW…the chair is an old school house wooden chair done in aluminum. i don’t know that i could do an entire day at it, but it works for the occasional sitting down and checking things. i’ll post a picture very soon.

andreas and i got VERY sunburned yesterday. we went to the spa with the groupon and lay by the pool. we lay UNDER an umbrella ALL day. they only time sun touched my skin was while i was in the pool. approximately 15 minutes. i put on the bathrobe for all trips into the sun. it hurts though i am more worried about what it will do to my skin. yeah, it is that bad. not as bad as my brother when we were kids, no blisters. serious burn lines. and i am worried i will peel. everyone says REAL aloe vera. as in, go buy a plant and cut up the leaves. sheesh.

i have the first draft of an essay due tomorrow. the topic is ‘illustrate how the author’s works you’ve chosen are examples of news that stay news’. my problem is i mostly read fiction. and even the ‘heavy’ fiction i’ve read is pretty sparse. the only ‘significant’ author i have read multiples is tolstoy. and though i loved my tolstoy class in undergrad, his work doesn’t really speak to me. andreas suggested Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. though that is only one book. Judy Blume seems like a a good choice too. but it has been SO long since i read them. i am sure i romanticize them in my mind. *sigh*

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