‘meow, meow’ (now you say meow meow back. it means ‘i love you’ in heather and patrick-speak)

there will be a new program starting in june on the oxygen channel (opera’s group). it will be a half hour cat show. no, i mean a show FOR cats. it will have squirrels running up trees and stuff. check the article, meow tv, if you don’t believe me.

as with all things american i have a problem with this show. i love my baby, but darwin does not need a tv show. a dvd of swimming fish is plenty, if at all. why not spend this money on inner-city kids? give them a show. buy them some books. fix their schools. yeah, yeah, i spend a decent chunk on shoes but i also spend a decent chunk on charity. i write my congressmen and i intend to become MORE involved when i return home (more because i was already in a big bro/big sis program before i left). anyhow…

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