jobs and adaptation

i had my job interview on wednesday and it went really well. i would be a business process consultant. right up my alley and totally the work i enjoy. the job would entail going to a region or business and assisting them in doing IT process analysis for either a process they have or want. the organizational manager has his bio on the intranet a work and it says he is a ‘film fanatic’. i interviewed with one of the women on his staff but i would love to get a chance to meet him and ask him about this fanaticism. though he does love in houston, and much of his staff, he speaks 4 languages and did four years in paris as a researcher for a modern music group as well as hiking through borneo photographing trees and collecting leeches. sounds like a fun group. oh, and i can live anywhere in the US i want…so how about nyc?

we saw the movie ‘adaptation’ tonight. all was going along well and i was really enjoying it, until it got totally fucking weird (pardon my language but you would understand if you saw it). nicholas cage does do a brilliant job being himself twice as well as talking to himself. funny though, kaufman/jonez movies seem to always have someone playing themselves at least twice. john malkovich was amazing playing john cusack playing john malkovich. trippy. there was an interesting quote and i added it to the quote page.

patrick and i went to the spa today. got our toes done. sat in the steam bath. then we shopped. i bought make-up and have taken a new vow to wear mascara every day. deep huh? it was a great day though. relaxing and fun. we bought a pair of camouflage patterned pants that we are dying black (hoping to get the patterns still in shades of black). patrick is now working on my leather cuff bracelet we had an idea for ages ago but only recently found the leather for. i want to make a leather tie too. i have a great idea for an outfit. cheers.

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