Daily Archives: April 30, 2003


i haven’t been to the gym yet. i am waiting for our new employee to show up! i thought it would be nice to be here when she arrives. of course we have two days off before we see her again…

had an interview today. it went very well. it is a process job. i would be an internal consultant helping our businesses and regions to analyze their processes and coming up with the process they would like. i am not sure what it has to do with IT, seems business process oriented, but hey, whatever! the cool thing is i can live wherever i want!



today, when i was getting ready to work out at the gym, i had an interested experience. i always try to remember to go to the WC before i worked out. today when i entered the loo, i smelled asparagus. instantly i deduced that the person who had used this particular toilet before me, had asparagus for lunch. it is white asparagus season so this is highly likely. and everyone knows that when you have asparagus to eat, you have asparagus pee for a while after! this woman, because it was the woman’s locker room, must have had a lot of asparagus and a lot of beverage because the smell was VERY strong, even after flushing. weird.