the big time

i am surprised i haven’t heard from any of you since my last blog. must be a busy week.

a few years ago i started playing football with the boys. played in the HP/IBM tournament where we lost right off the bat. then i would go to the skrimidges (sp?) down the street on tuesdays. when i was a kid, i always played fullback (or defense for those europeans among us). mostly i have stuck with that, but since there wasn’t always enough players and well it is fun, i would run up with the guy with the ball and some talent. countless times they would set me up for a goal. every single friggin time i missed! until this week. first game of the new season and i score the second goal! i jumped and squealed like a girl. the new columbian guy looked at me like i was a girl (which is only technically true as those who know me would admit). but oh i was happy. unfortunately patrick is on a biz trip in the nether regions this week so no picture. but i do have witnesses! they wouldn’t believe me when i said my goal counted for two since, technically, i am a girl! oh well. i was happy. the guys were impressed with my play. i had better ball control and was able to wrestle the ball away from the boys a few times. i also simply overwhelmed them with my aggressiveness a few times too. i even have a scab on my right calf to prove it! maybe i will take a picture of that?

got the hair done today. love it! will get a picture tomorrow. hope i can style it first try. LOTS of REALLY BRIGHT pink. it really perks me up. all the bland colour was getting me down.

stop the war, give them back their country, don’t steal the oil. read ‘stupid white men’ by michael moore. cheers.

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