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czech coolness

i was just about to shut down on this machine i am using here at this internet cafe and i noticed on the desk top they are using ‘open office’. that is the open source version of ms office for those unix-linux-loving anti-ms people. i guess that is the czech people. how rad is that?!

basis for society

here i sit at the star cafe at the end of Narodni just passed Vaclavske nam. in Praha. the star cafe is about as starbucks as you can get without the mermaid. the latest eminem cd is playing, cuss words and all. got to love that. this is what i love about traveling. just haning out and taking in the surroundings. ok, in this case, they aren’t real different than home but they are. looks the same, same music but these people fought for it. sure, they now have the pleasure of working a minimum wage job at the star cafe, but the world is full of possibilities for them. they know what it is like not to be able to express themselves. we don’t. we’ve always had choices and possibilites and free speech even if sometimes we have to sue for it. no judge can say eminem can’t release his album. but i don’t know that he appreciates that. of course he is in another space and time, fighting a different battle. so should we all in the states, just be thankful that we can speak out and just mellow? nah. i think we need the extreme to get the middle to try a little harder for those that don’t even have the minimum we do. if we don’t take the freedom for granted now and again, we might not expand any further, or strive to bring it to others. trust me, it makes sense.

society seems to be a line that we all walk. i really don’t think there is one philosophical frame work that society can operate by. no perfect system. nothing to make everyone equal and yet, advance the culture, satisfy the spirit. anything that did that would bring the standard deviation of people so closely together that art and science would be completely stifled or dangerously directed. having just finished ‘brave new world’ (bnw) and thinking about the disasters of the soviet union (twisting science and technology that was not sound), i realize that societies trade off, is exactly as the regional world controller said in ‘bnw’. we trade happiness for high art. but by happiness he means something very specific and not necessarily the definition that everyone goes by. i might call it ‘contentedness’. everyone satisfied by their life, their job and sport. nothing too easy, but nothing too hard. everything we do taking in the excess energy and time that we have at the end of a complete day at ‘the’ office. a life that leaves us no time to contemplate the meaning of anything, anything at all. in ‘brave new world’ they had to biologically adapt people to their level of contentment (street cleaners happy with street cleaning work) whereas in the soviet union (based on the biased western education i received) it was done with propoganda, ‘education’ and dictitorial control. i mean if you could turn off the wonder in your mind (as in ‘i wonder why the water goes down clock wise in the toilet’ wonder), like they do biologically in ‘bnw’, then doing your job and getting your pay and buying your bread, such as in communism, would be easy and everyone WOULD be equal. but it isn’t so easy to turn off your wonder. and, as we saw in the soviet union, even dictitorial control can’t keep those who really have the desire to wonder, from being creative and creating art, from exploring science and learning the truth. we learn as we grow. we grow because we learn. to eliminate the wonder that inspires this is to reprogram nature. it is also necessary to find another way to teach us. another motivation. so much of learning is motivated simply out of curiosity and wonder. disease researchers want to ease peoples’ suffering but also they just want to understand. they wonder why. stifle that and you can control desire, for art and science, but you also have the problem of retarding learning and knowledge advancement as people are no longer driven. i guess the communists did it by replacing the drive and motivation of wonder with the desire to support the state, society and populace as a whole. but in the long run, without chemistry and biology, like in ‘bnw’, i don’t think this level of societal control is possible. and i am glad. i’d miss my art, even if it is only hair colour and laminated fashion photos hanging from my ceiling.

a beautiful sunday in praha. the sun is shining and it is war. my calves are killing me, but it means i have burned off the calories i inhaled at TGI Friday’s on potato skins. i realize it is pathetic, go to a foriegn country, have american chain food, but i haven’t had grease like that since christmas. old habits die hard and fat makes food taste good. cheers.

on the go

well here i am blogging you from a mall in praha, czech republic. cool, eh?

the war has started but i still feel good about man. i mean lots are protesting and i didn’t just sit on mz arse 9damn this kezboard10 argh1 anzhow…

found 5 perfect long sleeved black shirts. a miracle. how can i shop when mz govt is wasting mz tax dollars bombing the shit out of iraq? well, zoure right but…its friederun


first! let me say that i don’t trust any media outlets. it is impossible to write anything without bias and considering how strongly opinionated americans are, i take all i read with a grain of salt, both on the conservative and liberal sides. i fall more to the middle, more conservative on some things (value of big business), more liberal on others (medical care/social assistance). i try to extend a minimum amount of trust right off the bat and then go either direction from there. anyhow, a friend sent me a link to an interesting and extreme article on the real reason for the current war in iraq. i have heard this idea from more than one location…and of course there was what i read with my own eyes on the ‘project for a new american century’ website (see blog – sunday march 9th – contradiction). and yes i have said myself you need the extreme to inspire the mild (good cop/bad cop) but i try (and try and try) not to be too extreme (except with hair) and consider as dispassionately as possible the different information i get from all sides and only then, come up with a sound but flexible opinion. that being said you should go and read the article Practice to Deceive from the Washington Monthly. It is an interesting idea and I certainly agree from a certain standpoint that there is more going on than we are being lead to believe.

my lifestyle change isn’t going so well. this morning i woke up quite well after getting a call from our support guy, Claude, that our SPICE document was not working properly. being that i hadn’t showered yet, it was easy not to when I had to then rush off to the office. but i still didn’t feel solid enough to actually work out. I’ll try again next week… cheers.

the statue of liberty

she was given to us by the french. do we what to throw out what she represents? not to suggest, for a moment, that i believe the french resistance to the war in iraq is incorrect or improper in any way, but let’s say you have an employee who recently failed on a project. do you fire them for that? that one event? ok, if it is a huge event that has an enormous negative impact on the business, then perhaps, but still not necessarily. and we can ruin a war ourselves, obviously, so i don’t see this as a huge event. if they acted with malice, sure, but if they were true to their professionalism, then certainly not. so why are we judging the french for not supporting the war? what about all the other things they have done for us? what about the influence of our founding fathers, who studied extensively in france during the birth of our nation. it really is getting out of hand. i wish i spoke fluent french so that i could go home and speak french all the time to annoy americans.

our digital camera is broken. i broke it but i don’t know when, where or how. it worked when patrick gave it to me to go to praha. it didn’t work in praha. we are going to buy a new one next week since we use it so often. besides, paris in april, US in may, firenze in june, praha in july…

today is sunday and i did my sunday ritual. only today i vacuumed too. picked everything up off the floor even (see mom i grew up). the putzfrau’s sister does a better job than the putzfrau on the bathroom (cleans under the shampoo bottles and throw’s out the trash) but the sister doesn’t vacuum very well. i love them both anyway! changed towels, changed sheets, dropped a bottle of schwaebish rose in the hall way. we smell like winos. we went to dominik’s cafe, which is open on sundays now (YEAH!) for lattes. we also went to the fake and bake place. it is so relaxing and since i only do it once every 6 months or less, i don’t feel guilty.

dubya had a blank check after sept 11th, why has he squandered it like this? we had everyone in the world on our side. everyone in the world wanted to help us. why not use that in a collective manner to improve world relations thus marginalizing the ‘terrorists’ that much more, making it harder for them? after sept 11th we were told that the best way to keep this from happening again was to get to know our neighbor, so people feel included and not resentful and at a minimum, those with bad intentions, feel watched. instead we have become paranoid and closed our doors that much more. what is wrong with us? because a hand full off people are evil and turn on us, we lose all faith in all mankind? in that case, do we, as individuals, deserve respect? not if you use the same rules for all. equality. fundemental to the american constitution. fundamental to the french constitution. see we have a lot in commen. oh well. better luck next time. cheers.

the new way

remember how excited i was last week about my process going live? well i am not as excited this week. why? because the joy has waned with stability but i still have to get up at 6 to make it happen. and any of you that know me, know i am NOT a morning person. i arrived at the office at 7. slowly but with care i processed the reports and posted them. it is now 9:10 CET and i feel like i have been here for days. i am also feeling very lethargic. just slow and thick in the head. i have tried smoothy, latte and bretzel, but still, i’m clogged. it takes 21 days to form a habit but i really don’t plan on getting up at 6 on the weeks i don’t have to. ouch.

btw, it took me about 8 weeks to get my body to the middle state it is in. a good state. the first 5 weeks or so, i saw little progress. in the final 3 weeks i saw a lot of change. i am estimating that i will hit perfection in 5-6 more weeks. the reason i think it will take less time than it took to get to midway, is because of momentum and already sped-up matabolism (as disadvantage of this blog thing is no spell check). don’t know that i will achieve elle thighs in that time but i will be at the place i wanted to be. if i still have the bumps at that point, i will look into lipo (but not until i return home). i figure if i have gone through all that work and i have a small imperfection left, i am allowed cosmetic surgery. anyhow…

the end is nie

Another day, a bunch more satisfied customers. But my throat hurts. Thanks boss. We told her to stay home. Today is Day 2 of the New Xpress reports and so far all the customers are happy! Minor issues, all with answers. In the immortal works of Hannibal from the A-team ‘I love it when a plan comes together’…Anyhow…

I went to lunch in the Bldg 6 cafe today. I am wearing a black baby doll dress, my sherpa hat including long simulated black braids and black and white over the knee socks. They all stared at me. As they do. It’s my relaxing Friday outfit.

My best friend tells me that even though I have a scratchy throat, I have to go to the gym. And since I was 1000 calories over my max yesterday (Burger King for lunch, Thai for dinner) I better get going. Now that I don’t speak to my dad thus can’t get free medical advice, it is great to have best friend that reads lots of fitness mags. Thanks Christine!

Happy Friday.

closing friday

i flew at the gym today. i was on the treadmill and a song came on, something from the sneaker pimps and i just flew. i felt so strong, even with my cold. actually i don’t think it is a cold, i think i am allergic to the office. because at the gym, on said treadmill, i felt great. strong and fast. i am trying to think of other words to use, not zone and such. i was definitely different up there.

tonight i was accosted, ok he was nice about it, by a security guy. it was at sports arena. he asked if a room had been mine and i said no but he thought i said yes and he found some tags and a sensor in there. he asked to see in my bag. i laughed. said sure. we offered patrick bag too. he said it was his job, i said ok. first time that has ever happened. i felt bad for him that someone had stolen something though.

tomorrow i fix the hair. going with a pixie and pink hair. dull eh?

now i shall sleep. my head will hit the pillow and i will be out…