Daily Archives: March 29, 2003

lange samstag

today the stores are open until 20:00. they are practicing. of course we have been trained to finish by 16:00. we went and looked at my dresses and shoes. with the euro though, i can’t afford them.

we’ve decided. we are going to firenze for our ‘harry potter’ weekend. the book will be like 700 pages plus long and i’ll want to read it all at once so we thought we would go somewhere specifically to read the book! at first london made the most sense. they will have lots of stuff going on when it comes out. but that seemed a bit dull and typical. we wanted to go somewhere fabulous and a-typical. firenze! (florence for you americans…speaking of that…why don’t we call it what the citizens of that country call it? how come we call it munich, when it it muenchen? and germany, when it is deutschland? from now on, i am calling it what the locals call it.)

going to see jonathan richman tonight in tuebingen. he is referred to as the godfather of punkrock who got quiet in the 80’s. i’ll let you know. cheers.