couples who look alike

i read an article in details mag last year about couples that dress alike. they showed examples and they were pretty scary. but i think you can’t really help it, especially if one person is buying the clothing. with patrick and i, well, he has fantastic taste but we are a bit heavy on the euro trash thing, i suppose. very dieter some days.

i think that your body changes to be like your mates, too. all those obese american couples, you know. i see this happening to patrick and i as well, though in a very different and strange manner. patrick has cycler’s calves. always has. super hard with big defined muscles. not terribly feminine. now i am getting them. when i was young(er) and just skinny, i had very shapely calves. but then i put on some pounds and my calves were bulbous. worked well with my thick ankles, i suppose. (my dad called me clydesdale when i was a kid). then, as i have lost fat but gained muscle, i am getting cycler like calves. like patrick’s. not feminine. there are girls in korea that get the muscle snipped to have thin calves. i do wish mine were slimmer, but that is a bit much. having cycler’s calves makes finding boots hard. good thing i found some in praha this weekend….oh did i fail to mention that? cheers.

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