the dixie

so i imagine you have heard about the comment the lead singer of the dixie chicks made while on tour in england? she said something to the effect of, ‘we are embarrassed that our president in from texas’ i thought it was a great statement. accurate in fact. others feel differently though. they are entitled to, of course. that is what makes the US great. unfortunately, there are those that are taking a nazi germany approach to their feelings about her comments (her name is natalie, btw). they are burning the cd’s. i came across the blog of a guy from houston who says at the closing of the rodeo, when the name of the band came on a screen, there were many boos. now, again they are entitled to their opinion, but why not use it more constructively? why simply boo or burn cd’s? why not go out engage people in dialogue about your opinions and the facts and issues that you know to support and explain them? that seems so much more mature and useful. anyhow, i think it is great she expresed herself as she did and even better that she refuses to back down and apologize. she shouldn’t. it is her right to feel the way she does. is holding another candlelight vigil, only this one is suppose to happen in each of our homes every night until the war is over and then some. i have seen various posts by germans that explain this was done during the cold war so that those on the other side of the iron curtain had light to find their way back. well it eventually worked for them (ok Gorby helped too) so i will try it. make sure not to leave candles unattended. wouldn’t want a fire.

well i’ve got my body back. my banana republic skirt fits losely on me once again. i love that. i have maintained the mid-54k for two weeks. i eat like a mad woman on weekends but am very good during the week. now i just have to keep going to the gym and i believe all will be ok. and to think it took a mere 2 and a 1/2 months to change my habits. see you can do it.

going to praha this weekend with friederun. oh, can’t wait. my shopping partner in crime! we’ll eat and shop and hang out and be girly. yeah! i’ll even make a point to find an internet cafe and blog from there just to prove it.


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