number 4

i am on my 4th internet cafe. this one is just off the old town square. the first was at the mall, then the next along the shopping pedestrian walk, then a cool coffee shop tucked away of narodni and now off the square. prices are about the same. if i spend an hour it is about $3. machines are the same. though everyone uses exploder!

today is beautiful again. i could easily be a low key ex-pat living in praha. i walked around randomly today. honestly, i was looking for a store and just got sort of happily lost. so many beautiful buildings. praha survived the communists so much better than warsaw. i suppose i might not be as happy were it the dead of winter, but if i had a decent job and made some friends and picked up some czech, i think i could be happy here for a while. it’s a weird feeling. i mean, i have no connections here and being no one knows me and no one can find me, it is as if i have no connections anywhere. it is an amazingly relaxing feeling. there is the war in iraq and i can’t deny for long my dumb gov’t. i certainly don’t want to deny my darling husband, but in a way it is easier to relax without him because i have no ties. nothing shows who i am or where i come from or what my life means. on the other hand i think it is easy for me to let go like this, because i know what i have and who i love. gives one strength. anyhow.

did you hear, eminem won best song at the oscars? but didn’t show up to receive it. i wonder why. poor randy newman has been trying to win for years (finally did last year) and eminem gets it first time out. cheers.

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