the statue of liberty

she was given to us by the french. do we what to throw out what she represents? not to suggest, for a moment, that i believe the french resistance to the war in iraq is incorrect or improper in any way, but let’s say you have an employee who recently failed on a project. do you fire them for that? that one event? ok, if it is a huge event that has an enormous negative impact on the business, then perhaps, but still not necessarily. and we can ruin a war ourselves, obviously, so i don’t see this as a huge event. if they acted with malice, sure, but if they were true to their professionalism, then certainly not. so why are we judging the french for not supporting the war? what about all the other things they have done for us? what about the influence of our founding fathers, who studied extensively in france during the birth of our nation. it really is getting out of hand. i wish i spoke fluent french so that i could go home and speak french all the time to annoy americans.

our digital camera is broken. i broke it but i don’t know when, where or how. it worked when patrick gave it to me to go to praha. it didn’t work in praha. we are going to buy a new one next week since we use it so often. besides, paris in april, US in may, firenze in june, praha in july…

today is sunday and i did my sunday ritual. only today i vacuumed too. picked everything up off the floor even (see mom i grew up). the putzfrau’s sister does a better job than the putzfrau on the bathroom (cleans under the shampoo bottles and throw’s out the trash) but the sister doesn’t vacuum very well. i love them both anyway! changed towels, changed sheets, dropped a bottle of schwaebish rose in the hall way. we smell like winos. we went to dominik’s cafe, which is open on sundays now (YEAH!) for lattes. we also went to the fake and bake place. it is so relaxing and since i only do it once every 6 months or less, i don’t feel guilty.

dubya had a blank check after sept 11th, why has he squandered it like this? we had everyone in the world on our side. everyone in the world wanted to help us. why not use that in a collective manner to improve world relations thus marginalizing the ‘terrorists’ that much more, making it harder for them? after sept 11th we were told that the best way to keep this from happening again was to get to know our neighbor, so people feel included and not resentful and at a minimum, those with bad intentions, feel watched. instead we have become paranoid and closed our doors that much more. what is wrong with us? because a hand full off people are evil and turn on us, we lose all faith in all mankind? in that case, do we, as individuals, deserve respect? not if you use the same rules for all. equality. fundemental to the american constitution. fundamental to the french constitution. see we have a lot in commen. oh well. better luck next time. cheers.

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