first! let me say that i don’t trust any media outlets. it is impossible to write anything without bias and considering how strongly opinionated americans are, i take all i read with a grain of salt, both on the conservative and liberal sides. i fall more to the middle, more conservative on some things (value of big business), more liberal on others (medical care/social assistance). i try to extend a minimum amount of trust right off the bat and then go either direction from there. anyhow, a friend sent me a link to an interesting and extreme article on the real reason for the current war in iraq. i have heard this idea from more than one location…and of course there was what i read with my own eyes on the ‘project for a new american century’ website (see blog – sunday march 9th – contradiction). and yes i have said myself you need the extreme to inspire the mild (good cop/bad cop) but i try (and try and try) not to be too extreme (except with hair) and consider as dispassionately as possible the different information i get from all sides and only then, come up with a sound but flexible opinion. that being said you should go and read the article Practice to Deceive from the Washington Monthly. It is an interesting idea and I certainly agree from a certain standpoint that there is more going on than we are being lead to believe.

my lifestyle change isn’t going so well. this morning i woke up quite well after getting a call from our support guy, Claude, that our SPICE document was not working properly. being that i hadn’t showered yet, it was easy not to when I had to then rush off to the office. but i still didn’t feel solid enough to actually work out. I’ll try again next week… cheers.

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