i have noticed recently that all the terrorists that have been picked up, have been in pakistan. also they have been of kuwati, pakistanian and saudi arabian decent. not iraqi. so where does dubya get off saying that iraqi is harboring a bunch of terrorists? yeah, ok, we don’t have ‘normal’ relations with the country so we don’t have ‘agents’ working with the gov’t to arrest anyone, but if iraq were such a hot bed of terrorism why are such high level people being found in pakistan? i wish dubya would be honest about what his real beef with iraq is. i think he just needs a war and control over some more oil. oh and then there is the PNAC. this is a think tank full of bush admin members who have an agenda specifically to increase military spending and US military presence around the world. i have a problem with our gov’t being run by a one-track think tank. i have written my congresspeople about this topic just today.

it’s sunday and i have completed my sunday ritual. changed the towels, the sheets, flossed, moisturized, went to subway. all feels complete. now i shall surf and take some practice tests in my gmat book. ah.

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