closing friday

i flew at the gym today. i was on the treadmill and a song came on, something from the sneaker pimps and i just flew. i felt so strong, even with my cold. actually i don’t think it is a cold, i think i am allergic to the office. because at the gym, on said treadmill, i felt great. strong and fast. i am trying to think of other words to use, not zone and such. i was definitely different up there.

tonight i was accosted, ok he was nice about it, by a security guy. it was at sports arena. he asked if a room had been mine and i said no but he thought i said yes and he found some tags and a sensor in there. he asked to see in my bag. i laughed. said sure. we offered patrick bag too. he said it was his job, i said ok. first time that has ever happened. i felt bad for him that someone had stolen something though.

tomorrow i fix the hair. going with a pixie and pink hair. dull eh?

now i shall sleep. my head will hit the pillow and i will be out…

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