a change

I think that blogs will take the forefront. It is a convenient way to express myself at those moments I want to express myself. It is easier and more ‘true’ than writing it down and revisiting it on Sunday. Of course, you will all get to know my ‘true’ thought process as well. Prepare yourselves. I’ll often do coffee talks anyway, they just won’t be on the index page.

I finished ‘Brave New World’. I need to read it again though. The interaction between the World Region Controller and Savage is really key. Everything else, all the events leading up to that meeting, are just prep work. But it was still hard to read. So I am going to read it again and play closer attention. I think the key is ‘free will’. I also think this will provide me another key piece of my morale structure, my answer to life. My continued quest to not being a hypocrite. I just hate those. Even though I realize, as I mentioned last week, and agree, that it is by far hardest to act in accordance with ones thinking. We should all at least try.

Tonight is my Candlelight Vigil. On the website 29 people have signed up, but there will likely be more. The MoveOn.org page says they should last a hour or so. They are suppose to be quiet though, so how do you keep entertained and focused for an hour without saying much. They recommended talking amongst each other, reading poems or playing music quietly. Joan Baez is playing at one vigil. Hee hee. I don’t know. I’ll play it by ear. The important part is candles.

There isn’t really anything else happening. Things are slow and quiet at work. I wait for Dubya to start the war. My friend Tim the Consultant is coming up from Frankfurt this Sunday to hang out. See just normal stuff. Cheers.

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