slow on the draw

in my german lesson today i was trying to make a point. that point being that i preferred something over something else. hans-dieter gave me the verb, bevorzugen, i think (looked that up on the web and i had a couple to choose from). so i started the sentence and used the verb once, went on and then got to a point where i needed the verb again and i couldn’t remember what it was! this happened a few times. some how i kept wanting very complex words. with my lack of sleep, i just couldn’t say them nor remember them for any reasonable amount of time. i am going to be very happy when this week is over.

i am hosting a peace vigil on sunday. crazy huh? i’m doing it because it is pretty easy and not overly loud. being that i don’t speak an acceptable level of german i don’t want to do anything that will draw too much attention for possible conflict. there are vigil’s all over the world that day, so i thought it would be easy and cool to do one here. just so the world knows that even some american chick in stuttgart is against the war.

elizabeth smart was found today. i was very happy to hear that. that is the sort of positive thing i think the world needs to hear these days. that a lost child arrived home safe.


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