did you hear? the president of serbia has been assasinated. Zoran Djindjic was instrumental in over throwing Milosevic. this is significant i think. and where is it on cnn? not the main story. no that is saved for dubya being one vote away from being allowed to start a war on a country that has never attacked us while ignore those that have and those that say they might. it is the lead ‘world news’ story, but it should be bigger than that i think.

did you hear? congress has stooped to a new low. they changed the name of french fries to show their anti-french sentiment. why not just take them off the menu and do your waistlines a bit of good too?!

600 calories today. it hurt though. very tired. too much GETTING UP AT 6AM! and it’s only wednesday.

dressed up for work today. two people mentioned yesterday how casual i have been looking lately. i took that as a queue to dress it up a bit. i think the fishnets are a bit much though. will change to regular stockings when i return home. of course today i got the comment ‘you look like you are going to the opera’. can’t win…

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