i realize it is only day two of my 6 am alarm clock but i am a vegetable still. i’ve always been good on autopilot (accept that one morning when i was a kid and i put orange juice in my cereal, i did realize something was wrong after like 2 bites) but autopilot all day is a bit much. i admit to staying up a bit later than planned last night but since i was gettin’ jiggy with my husband i don’t think that counts. anyhow, people have noticed my more ‘casual’ look this week.

since moving to europe i have become completely convinced of the ‘protein link’ to the apple shaped body type. i eat a lot more protein and fat here than i do back in the US. food is just more meat oriented here. you have better cheeses too. subsequently most people carry their weight around the middle. most german girls have great legs and thighs but hand a bit over the top of their pants. i have even expanded in the spot that has always been my special thing, my waist. things are going alright though. where i can’t wear the super tight waist things i use to, i’m still tiny around the middle. but like i meant to explain, the real problem is getting more carbs. europe doesn’t have the plethora of non-fat carb heavy food that the US does. snacks that are low calorie are relatively easy to find, but the calories are all in fat. a challenge to say the least. i feel good though and all goes well.

think peace. perhaps it will rub off on the gov’t.

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