the spirit

What a fabulous trip to NYC. We had such a great time. I ate an entire pumpkin pie all by myself. The picture above was just the beginning. Yummy.

On Thanksgiving day Janet and I went to one of her friend’s house for ‘White Russian’s at 10:30’. Of course I don’t drink but I met some interesting people. Janet knows lots of Architects and film industry people. They have interesting parties too. Each year they have a Variety Show party where everyone must do an act. This year Janet did a swim ballet behind a screen. Egor and Suzanne did a ‘Brazil wax’ appointment. Suzanne was very hairy (it was a costume). Patrick and I are trying to think of an act we can do for next year. Meet two screen play writer/directors. And an editor, Suzanne’s roommate, who’s name I can’t remember right this second.

We shopped, a lot. The new Agent Provocateur opened up the day we arrived and I found waist cincher and matching bra. The waist cincher is very useful as it keeps my posture and has stocking straps. Bit chilly for stockings these days but fashion before comfort! Of course if I lose some toes, or even more important parts, that wouldn’t be too glamorous. Nothing against people with missing parts, I would just be very embarrassed to tell the story. Patrick picked up his computer and we bought a camcorder. Going to start making our movies. The first is entitled, ‘German’s on the Escalator’. The second is titled ‘The Princess and the Nerd’. The first has a point. The second one is just fun. Not sure where we are going to get the editing equipment but it’ll be fun anyway. Went to the 2nd hand store of Super Models. All the damn shoes are size 10! But I did get a great wool sleeveless sweater, a Gian Franco Ferre wool pleat skirt, a great high fashion ‘rebel without a cause’ jacket and the major coup, a Vivienne Westwood bustier. The colour is, of course, an off black, but it looks fab. Lots of cleavage. At Century 21, I got a Comme de Garcons skirt thing. It is table cloth material and only covers 2/3’s the way around. Has a black and white pattern on it. I wore it with my suede skirt today and though the sweater I was wearing didn’t really do it, it works with the skirt. It’ll be on the page next week.

NYC is just a fabulous city. Lots of stuff to do, lots of different people to look at. We went to a bar called Rockstar, in Williamsburg, to get Janet’s band BOOBYtrap a gig. (It is Feb 7th and Patrick and I will be the opening act. Not sure what we are going to do yet but we’ll be there). There I meet 3 guys who were trying to figure out who sang the song that was playing. It was ‘Killing me Softly with his Song’ by Roberta Flack, so I shared that bit of wisdom with them. I only knew it because of the movie ‘About a Boy’ though. Sure I remember the song from being a kid, but wouldn’t have had a clue who did it. Anyhow, we got into a long wandering conversation about music types, what to listen to at the gym, good nights sleep, or lack there of, and fashion. They were cool. It’s just cool to meet people you can get into conversations like that with. I learned the name of one of them, I think it was Eric (should have written it down, that is why I have the dumb book, argh!), the second guy wouldn’t tell me his name but said some people call him, something, I can’t remember, then the third guy said he called the second guy by a different name but never shared his own name. Hopefully I will get to see them again when we do our thing in Feb. I’ll write names down in that case. They were quite stylishly dressed. We saw ‘8 Mile’ with Eminem and it was really cool. Patrick and I also watched 4 hours of ‘Buffy’ and got to see she and Spike do ‘it’. Very cool.

All in all, our trip to NYC was the best holiday I have had in a really long time and it wasn’t just the shopping. I truly relaxed, though didn’t get much sleep. And I got a cold.

On our first full day back in Germany, I drove to work. Those driving the roads of Germany that day seemed to be having a hard time picking a lane. It didn’t seem like they were unsure of where they were going, just too lazy to get completely in a lane. Very annoying.

I was too sick to go to the office on Wednesday. That was an extra bummer because I was suppose to go to a class. I had the standard flu symptoms: stuffy head, cough, always cold, etc. I knew there was only one thing that would do the trick…Nyquil. But since in Germany the medical profession seems to prefer that you just sweat it out, they don’t have anything like that here. So I called in the reserves, I called Todd. He works on the base and has things like this. He loaned me a bottle. It did the trick and I slept well. Went back to the office on Thursday because, though I was still sick, I was not sick enough to stay sane sitting at home another day.

In the song ‘Silent Hedges’ by Bauhaus, I always thought they were saying, ‘Silent Heathers’. OK, had I looked at the title of the song, I would have known I was mistaken, but since I didn’t and it really DOES sound like they are saying ‘Silent Heathers’, I just left it at that. Did feel a bit stupid when I figured out the truth. But really, pull out your old Bauhaus records and give a listen. You’ll agree it sounds like a ballad to a me that doesn’t exist. (the silent one)

Oh and here is the high point of our week. Almost as significant as going to NYC, though cheaper. Patrick and I prepared a matrix of my skirts and shirts. I can look up a skirt on this matrix and see all the shirts that I can wear with it. We pulled all the skirts and shirts off the racks, laid the skirts out and compared every shirt to every skirt. There will be some fine tuning for fit. Being long waisted I think some of the shirts will be too short for the waist of the skirts, so though they match from a colour standpoint, they won’t be an appropriate style. After things are fine tuned and we can identify some patterns, we are going to make Geranimal tags, so I don’t have to use the chart and because they would be so cool. We are not going to use regular animals but Emily the Strange animals. You know, bats, cats, and other scary things. They will be coloured. It’ll show that a Black Bat skirt and Black Bat shirt match both colour and style, but a Black bat Skirt and a Red Bat shirt only match style. Cool huh? Isn’t it fun to relive one’s childhood in strange and perverted ways?

Haven’t heard anything from Mom. She did write me on Thanksgiving but I think we are still missing each other. At least I don’t feel understood yet. I hope things get better. Cheers.

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