Daily Archives: November 3, 2002

ladies poker night

Happy Halloween! Yep, that’s me in this year’s Halloween costume. I was a bit nervous about wearing it to work but everyone ended up loving it! I did take it off in the afternoon because I went to the gym and I can’t get it on by myself. Isn’t HP a great place? I was recently referred to as ‘a professional’ for getting my project in on time and all. I’m not really, I just dress like this for fun!

Gosh, Ladies Poker Night ended up being SO much more than I had planned. We had 13 grrrls show and 5 very sexy, beautifully adorned in fishnet and latex stockings, boys. There was, in order of appearance, Patrick – splendent in leather bikini, black fishnets and white lacy apron, Sergio – poised beautifully in latex shorts, black fishnets and black mesh shirt, Todd – painted in latex stockings, shirt, top and elbow length gloves, oh and a precious little leopard spotted collar, Scott – our ‘back-to-basics’ boy in black fishnets, some cute black undies and dark green t-shirt, and lastly but certainly the most classically dressed, Emmanuel in black fishnets, white shorts, tuxedo shirt, tie and coat. They were stunning, one and all. So, after a slight adjustment to their new roles, they had to be verbal braced a few times, the boys were very good about anticipating our needs as serious card playing grrrls. There was much refilling of drinks, providing of pizza that Sergio was kind enough, minus uniform unfortunately, to pick up for us at his place of ‘regular’ employment, Puento Fizzo, across the street. As the evening went on we devised ways to determine the most talented waiter. We started with the massage contest. Patrick and Todd massaged the shoulders of Sarah and Sonja (who were chosen by a draw of cards) and the grrrls conferred on who was best. Todd won that one. Eventually the grrrls felt a need for more of a display, so we requested a Pole Dance by each of the boys. Todd and Sergio were kind enough to strut their stuff to Marilyn Manson’s cover of ‘Tainted Love’. Patrick provided me a short Lap dance. Having enjoyed this so much we queued up an obvious Pole Dance song, ‘I’m Outta Love’, by Anastasia. Emmanuel stole the show with this one. A natural mover, he tantalized us with coat shirking and the like. At this point, for whatever, the reason, the boys decided that they would instigate a contest between the grrrls and boys. 3 of the grrrls against 3 of the boys for Pole/Erotic dancing. They were on! Scott, Patrick, Sybille and Peggy were the judges. They took to the giant red velvet couch. Dee, Nathalie and I took the first turn and made it happen to Anastasia. Damn we were fine. Then the boys got up and proved their penchant for dirty dancing to Marilyn Manson. The judges were stumped. It came down to a coin flip and the boys were victorious. Oh it was just wonderful. Really though at this point, how could we go back to poker? The group decided to move on, after the boys changed, to various bars and clubs around Stuttgart. It was a fine Ladies Poker Night indeed. And there are even pictures! But they were taken old school style, so I have to wait for them to be developed and then I’ll scan them and we’ll get them up on the site. Thanks to all the boys for being such excellent sports and strutting their stuff. We’ll do it again real soon, I promise!

So really now, how can I top that? My project has gone live this weekend and things are going well so far. The big step comes tomorrow when invoices start to flow downstream. Cross your fingers! Cheers.