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I’ll start most recent first…today I was very domestic and a good friend. My friend Jenn moved and we helped. Germans don’t help their friends move, but Americans do and, of course, we were going to help! Of course she didn’t mention that she lived on the top floor, was moving to the top floor and the new building had a spiral staircase. She failed to mention that before we arrived. I literally had sweat pouring down my face. No need to go to the gym today. Anyhow, I really didn’t mind helping, just wanted a shower after.

Since I was out most of last week and had a suitcase of dirty clothing when I returned, I spent a lot of today cleaning up shoes on the floor and folding laundry. I think this is a girl thing, but ever now and again I just like doing domestic things. Maybe it is a corporate thing. Since I rarely see things completed, I like to clean up because then I am able to finish all by myself. Anyhow, hand washed my thongs for the first time in my life. Thought I would see whether it would make them last longer, though really, who has time to hand wash underwear? Anyhow…

Last night we went to a Death Rock club in town. It was SO wonderful. I have decided we are more a Death Rock couple than a Bondage couple. The Bondage scene people are friendly but it just isn’t our thing. The Death Rock scene is sort of cliquey and mostly really young, but I just feel more at home. Others with weird hair and black clothing. Girls in bustiers and corsets. Fishnets everywhere. And the music! OK, a lot of it was really old and I was sort of hoping for some new Goth music but it was still nice to hear Pictures from Speak and Spell by Depeche Mode. They played two Joy Division songs and some Front 242. I am sure if we had stayed longer we would have heard Bauhaus. Turns out they have it more than once a month in Stuttgart, though always on a Friday. Patrick and I agreed that we need to take Friday afternoons off to nap or sleep in that morning. Anything to assist in staying awake later. We stayed until about 1, after arriving at 11. The smoke wasn’t even that bad. I wore my 16th century skirt and Manier Bustier. Looked smashing really. It was great and I can’t wait to go again!

I worked very hard this week. We have a kickoff meeting next week that I have to co-lead. Should be interesting.

London was fabulous. Spent too much money but not nearly as much as I was tempted to, so I feel a victory. There was this Vivienne Westwood coat…oh I don’t even want to talk about it. I think the most fun we had was that two plus hours we spent in the Milliner (hat dept) at Selfridges. We were looking for a new ‘sideline’ hat for Christine. The hat she currently wears from the sidelines of her kids football games, is beat up and doesn’t cover enough. We tried on all the hats they had from the Summer line (fall was out and very cool but hardly appropriate). Anyhow, we were judging the hats on four measures…1) Teen Disturbance: how much it would disturb her teenage daughter to see her mom sitting on the sideline in this hat, 2) Cost, 3) Total sun coverage and 4) Overall coolness. Originally she bought the big pink one (in the picture above). It was high on 1 and 3 but low on 2 and medium on 4. What she really wanted was the ‘Earth Mother’ one (she’ll have to send me a picture cause the one I took was blurry). After she paid for it, she called her mom (in the States, using my mobile) and asked her advice. Her mom said that she had always regretted not buying the perfect hat when she had seen it and would be willing to pay the difference. So we exchanged.

We had massages and pedicures. I realized that my husband gives the best massages though we need to buy a massage table. Katherine, in Chico, gives the best pedicures. But it was all nice. Christine loved her massage and I got some cool nail files and more soothing sock salve for my feet healing booties (trust me, I need them). I bought three pairs of shoes, two of which were on sale. Love them all! Got a cool vintage dress, black and a used riding coat, black with red satin lining. The Green Day show kicked ass. I pogo’d all over the place. St-Martins-in-the-Field sounded wonderful though jet lag was catching up with Christine and she was nodding off. We mostly hung out and had a good time just being. A once in a life time opportunity with my best friend. Next year it will be Amsterdam with she and Brent and Patrick. That trip will be different.

I really do want to move to London. I have decided I cannot stay in Germany after Sept 2003. The controlled nature of the society is just getting to be too much for me. I want to live my life my way, at my speed, on my time, and I cannot do that here. If I want to work until 11 p.m. and then go to the grocery store, I want to. I want, as a nonsmoker, to have some rights. We don’t really want to move back to the US, but it will have to depend on what the World’s economy is like then. I just know, I don’t want to stay here.

To whiten your fingernail tips, soak them in lemon juice.

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