the moment has come…

I don’t have a new outfit photo for the page. Of course I have a few outfits that aren’t on the page, but I don’t have any pictures of them. And I don’t really feel like getting dressed up. I’m pooped. Too much testing this week I didn’t even finish it. I accidentally deleted a line from the program that left half my transactions unprocessed. Have no fear though, it was the test system after all. We use the system to check our code AND write the documentation so that at ‘go live’ we don’t do stupid things like accidentally delete the line that processes all the shipment credits! Brilliant! Anyhow, since I don’t have any pictures and I don’t feel like making one (maybe tomorrow) I’ve posted a very cool picture of me and my best friend, Christine. While we were home for Christmas, Christine declared that she had no pictures of us and since Brent, her husband, had just got a cool new digital camera, we had to take some. I hate posing for pictures, no seriously, so I thought about how/where we could go to get some that were ‘natural’. So we went to a coffee shop. I thought the two girls freshening up in the bathroom was a good idea. Worked ok I’d say.

Well, what else happened this week? I was sick. I had a horrible head cold so I even stayed home one day. God, was I bored. I finished ‘C&P. Asked a bunch of people what the big deal was. They all had the same opinion as me, nothing. It’s over rated but still a good book. I then read ‘The Eyre Affair’. It is rather complicated to explain but in general, the lead character is a LiteraTec in a parallel 1985 in England. Her Special Ops team is responsible for following up on and prosecuting ‘Literary Frauds and Theft’s’. Yep, they police books and manuscripts. So the story is that this super evil dude, Acheron Hades, is pulling characters out of original manuscripts, thus changing the stories in every book printed subsequently, and holding them hostage. He steals a character from ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’ by Charles Dickens, which honestly I have never heard of, and kills him to prove his point. He totally disappears from all copies. Then he steals ‘Jane Eyre’ from Jane Eyre and the Bronte Federation (don’t forget the accent over the o) gets really upset. Anyhow, obviously she saves the day and there are all sorts of other bizarre not-really-based-in-reality side events (Britain has been at war with Russia over 130 years for the ownership of Crimea. One of the cool things about the book were the weird literary factions. The Mavlovians, who believe Maslow wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare, obviously bash heads with the Baconians who think Francis Bacon wrote them. These people go door to door just like the Jehovah’s Witness. Amusing. Then there was the riot between the Neo-surrealists and the Raphaelites. Anyhow, Dean the Receiving Guy recommended it and it was very good.

Honestly that is about it. Not an inspiring week, not an inspiring coffee talk. Of course you are all still pondering last week I am sure. Cheers.

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