OK, let’s start with Lezzie night. I had a great time. It is a much less stressful. People are more polite when moving about. More generally friendly. Like we are all in a club together. There was definite ‘checking out’ going on, but I didn’t feel raped by their eyes like it often happens in regular bars. I mean, I looked great, was showing a bit of skin, but no leering. The things I noticed were probably typically hetero. Some feminine women, some asexual looking and some who obviously wanted to look like the lead singer of a skate-punk band, wallet with chain and all. It was cool though. The music was ok. The DJ had a very difficult time going from one song to the next, but it was pretty good music otherwise. OK once they did play the same artist in a row but I can excuse that. I went with a few girls, one of which is a declared bisexual. She was disappointed because there were so few feminine looking girls and they seemed mostly taken. I counted 3 girls with long hair and 2 girls in skirts. Other than that it was the “short to the head” hair cut and pants and t-shirts. Lots of tight shirts. Lots of women trying to de-emphasize their breasts. Personally I like breasts but ok. There were 2 boys there I swear were no older than 14. They really couldn’t dance. Sort of a side to side step thing. It seemed that they were there with an older looking female. Certainly they weren’t there for the women as they seemed to know. I figure they were there with Lessie big sister. In all, it was a very pleasant experience and I plan to go next month too.

So much testing this week. The final test for my area didn’t work. The job ran but the new data field failed. Found the error (at least the code slave did, some day I want to be a code slave). Going to have to try again Monday. Work is frustrating because no one seems to want this project but at the same time no one seems to be able to say stop. Very frustrating for me. I had to fill out a survey today about the reorg. It didn’t go so well. Will be interesting to see the total department result.

We were suppose to go see ‘Memento’ tonight but I am way too tired. After this I am going to bed. We plan to go see it on Sunday instead.

I’m losing weight again. My wedding rings keep spinning around. Sort of annoying. Sort of encouraging. Except, I haven’t been going to the gym so I am worried I am losing my muscle. Got my hair cut. Very cute.

I bought 2 pairs of shoes this week. The first are an adorable pair of Miu Miu patent leather high heeled Mary Janes. ON SALE!!! Ok they were still a little pricey but they are SO me. Look great with jeans even. And then today I got a pair of DKNY sport Mary Janes. Yes, I love Mary Janes. These are very much like the Puma ones I saw in a recent Shape mag and wrote down to seek while home. They were paired with a $950 Prada sport dress. Who on earth spends $950 on a sport dress? Prada sports wear? Anyhow, these are even better because they are black and the Puma’s were green. They have light blue on the bottom. Just splendid. Where are earth am I going to put all these shoes when I go home next week?

Gosh, I almost forgot to tell you about the new friend I met. He is an American Ethics Ph.D. student studying in Tuebingen. We had dinner last week. It was fun. We have lots in common. Like our alcoholic dad’s and their strange suicide attempts. He, online name Bark_Eater (yep, he’s a tree hugger but I like him anyway), caught himself a few minutes into it with the standard ‘I can’t believe I am telling you this. I just met you”. But I explained that is typical for me. I am a good listener so people…*something missing here* chicken leftovers because he believes more in not wasting food, being that he is a student making only 750 DM a month ($375) and the chicken was already dead before we got to the restaurant. A healthy attitude towards being a vegetarian, I think. He even went to jail once for protesting. He does not recommend going to jail. Especially in DC. Federal prisons and all, you know. I don’t know. I think I scared him but he was amused as well. We invited him to come to the movie with us, but he’s busy.

Well next week at this time I will likely be Christmas shopping or some such thing. We are going to be doing gift wrap for the Humane society as well. I am looking forward to going home…even if my mom’s house is covered in dust and there is only one bathroom…pray for us. Oh, last thing…Patrick and I will have been married 10-years this coming Thursday. Yeah for us, the greatest married couple around! I sure love him.

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