I am never going to say that again. I have been so crazy busy at the office this week it is insane. I am exhausted. It was cool though. Today I was completing my testing and I was seeing this strange “error”. Actually it was a lack of error when I should see one. Being that I am rerunning a certain job (program) it should insert the current date into the records (financial records don’t you know). But I had a number of records where there was no difference between the original file and the one I recreated. Just a handful of transactions. Drove me mad though. So I went and talked to the “guys”. Our merry band of contractors that do all the coding. The three of us drove ourselves mad trying to figure out why it did this. In the end one of them had a flash of brilliance and though we could not find the actual code, it was Friday at 5 for goodness sake, the cases we looked at follow the proposed logic. On Monday we will search for the actual code. Another piece in the puzzle. I wonder what other box of missing pieces I will find next…

Yeah, then, since I worked so hard this week, I got the sniffles.

OK the outfit. Patrick bought me that skirt on sale at Marketstrasse. It is a marvelous high-end shop that has really unique stuff. Lots of Gaultier. In fact he bought it for me when I bought my summer dress. The top is DKNY that I bought at Macy’s in Sact last winter with my friend Christine. Pretty scary huh? I can remember when and wear I bought clothing but not one formula from Calculus in High School.

So what has happened in the world, or my life, this week that I can comment on? Hum. Been so busy working, I can’t think of anything. Well there is my friend, whom I have mentioned before, that doesn’t take care of herself and is of ill health. She’s in the hospital now. She ignored her body so long it decided to constrict her breathing. She has 3 different pains that don’t seem directly related but probably related in so far as she let the first problem go until it caused secondary issues. Docs think it is inflammation but aren’t sure where. But of course SHE wants to go home. She promises to take it easy. Yeah right. I will give her credit that being in the hospital is dull, nee, boring to tears. Maybe I will bring her some mags tomorrow. I’d love to take her one of the Stephanie Plum mysteries but laughing is painful.

I’m going to Lesbian Night at a local bar with “the girls” tomorrow night. Apparently one of them is bi but the others just like to go to Lesbian clubs. I only actually know one of them and she is pretty heterosexually married. We are going to start with raw, dead fish and then have some drinks, coffee for me, before we go out. Perhaps I will add an addendum to this week on Sunday.

I am running the SAP ALL meeting on Tuesday. We are going to have a blast! Patrick and I have a plan. Lots of amusing things. Also I am introducing my first top-secret guerilla project TCP/IP. Check back next week to see how it went. We are going to video tape it so perhaps I will put that up for you all to see.

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