What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, runs over the neighbor’s dog? What fits on your back, tastes great as a snack? It’s log log log. It’s log. It’s log. It’s big it’s heavy it’s wood. It’s log. It’s log. It’s better than bad it’s good. – I just felt like singing that.

I’m on one of my neatness trips these days. This means I have an overwhelming need for things to be clean, shiny and in their correct place. And Patrick has to help. We even washed out the cat boxes. Changed the sheets, washed the cat box rugs, wiped down my vibrator and straightened all horizontal surfaces. I even cleaned the kitchen for the hell of it. Patrick sees one dish in the kitchen and it is too much. I see a pile of dishes and see an organizational opportunity. As long as everything has been soaked (thanks Mom!) it’s a piece of cake.

Had a hard time maintaining enthusiasm at work this week. Probably worked an average of 6 hours a day with a mere 2 of them being productive. I swear I’ll get back into it next week. The “project from hell” is getting closer and closer to being canceled. But it just isn’t quite there and as a result we actually have to start coding. It’s ridiculous really. I can’t really say anything about it since it is company confidential but it is enough to say that it is a good idea being implemented badly.

Went to see a cool British band on Monday night called Therapy? They have a cool song called “Suicide Pack” The chorus goes…Suicide Pack, Suicide Pack, You go first!…clever huh? Anyhow we were there with my friend Friederun who is looking for the man of her dreams. Problem is her standards are set a bit high. She wants a man who:
1) Is at least 1 meter 85
2) Has a good job/is intelligent and driven
3) Is good looking
4) Listens to bands ranging from NIN to Placebo to Bush
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a guy to fit all four of those categories? Oh, he can’t want his wife to stay home and take care of children either. I mean the first 3 are possible, though the pool is small. But add a more hardcore music interest and you are going to have to make him from scratch. I don’t think the Donald or any of his friends have been to a Marilyn Manson show in a while. Anyhow, I offered to start asking around at this show to see if anyone fit the bill. She wasn’t thrilled by the idea. I walked up to the guy selling t-shirts anyway and explained the situation to him. He asked about me and why I was in Germany etc and then assured us that yes Friederun’s man of her dreams was at that very show. With the exception of the 1 meter 85, he said that he himself fit the rest of the list. Friederun was not convinced but the whole thing amused her and I am sure she will be more careful next time she shares sensitive information with me.

Harry Potter started this week and we went to the midnight show at the English version theatre in Vaihingen. It was great. It was JUST like the book. There were small scenes from the book missing. There was only really one scene in a class but it was exactly like the book with what was there. The only thing they changed was Hagrid’s dragon. He gets one but the resolution is different. Anyhow, I liked it. Harry wasn’t exactly as I imagined him but others thought he was perfect. I’ll go see all the movies but if they hadn’t made them, that would have been ok because my mind did fine with the book itself.

I’ll try to be more stimulated next week and deliver a more inspiring talk. Tah tah.

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