Kofi Annan won the Peace Prize. I guess we have to admit the prize isn’t so literal anymore. Mr. Annan worked towards peace, he didn’t (doesn’t) always get it. Seems like a good choice though. I read in an article that one of the other nominees was the game of football (soccer for the Americans). I don’t really see that. I mean, there are lots of people killed and tons of general violence as a result of football pride. There are actually people in the UK who’s passport numbers are in a database so if they try to leave the country during a big football tourney, let are not allowed to bored a plane.

I read an article in a fashion mag this week that said “Brown is the new Black”. I was reading out loud to Patrick as he was rubbing my feet. He responded, “Well call me old fashion, but I am going to stick with the old black.” He is so fashion savvy.

I picked up a slew of high end fashion mags this week at the foreign press store in the Hauptbahnhof. I have a habit of being attracted to the Prada stuff. I can’t help it. A lot of the stuff is put together in a way that would prohibit it from being acceptable at the office. Taken in pieces though, I could do something with it. The make-up is right out too. Where exactly would I go with blue eye shadow streaked across my face? I am over dressed for HP BBN most days as it is.

Just so the whole world knows, I am going to wear my Dinosaur costume that my mom is making for me, to work on Nov. 5th when I return from the US. Going to wear it on the S-bahn too. Should be interesting. Somehow I need to plan a presentation for that day.

I help with kitchen stuff tonight. We are trying a new food plan. I have gained 4 kg since June and can’t figure out why. OK, I know why partially. I’ve lost my motivation for the gym. So I haven’t been going like I use to. But the weird thing is I am gaining weight around my waist for the first time in my life. This worries me for 2 reasons. First, weight around the middle means a higher risk for heart disease and since I have a murmur, I am concerned about that. Secondly, my waist has always been my special feature. The thing few others had. Now what have I got? Pink hair, piercings and tattoos are SO five minutes ago. Anyhow the food plan…since the food at the cafeteria is shite, we are going to bring lunch. Since Americans are like the only society that eats 3 full meals a day, we are going to seriously reduce what we have for dinner like most Germans. Most Germans are thin, it is just their arteries clog and they have massive heart attacks but they make nice looking corpses. Back to the plan, Patrick is going to make a full dinner every night but we will take it to have for lunch at work. Now I realize you are thinking “why not just eat a small lunch?” Well, I tried that but it left me without enough energy to workout. Of course I realize reheated anything isn’t as good as the original (accept Kentucky Fried Chicken’s old extra crispy recipe) but this is better for our health. This also means Patrick doesn’t have some huge production he has to put together before I get home from the gym (that is our deal). I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m still afraid. I’m afraid of being beaten up by some dumb guy just looking for an excuse to hit someone. I want to learn another language, German would be the logical choice, so that I don’t sound American (I certainly don’t look it). People ask if I am afraid of flying home. No. If the plane blows up, I won’t even realize it. If we are hijacked I am quite sure the passengers won’t stand for it. I’m not afraid of Anthrax. If I am poisoned it starts like the flu, I go to the hospital, they give me morphine, end of story. It is the personal attacks that scare me. I’m surprised by myself. Also I am assuming this has to do with my immature need to be liked by everyone (which conflicts greatly with my need to push the envelope with my personal appearance). If there is a bomb, it isn’t personal. If someone hits me, it is because they don’t like me, even if it is really that I am simply a symbol of what they don’t like. Oh well.

Got the Zebra pants last Christmas in LA. They are a bit much but fun. They are looking a bit rounded at the hips but I already explained that. In general I still think I look pretty cool. Next week, something else. Probably about London (Depeche Mode!)

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