I am writing you today from the steps of the Koenigsbau on Koenigsstr in downtown Stuttgart. It is a beautiful 29 degrees Celsius (get used to it Americans, when I am Supreme Dictator for a day you are all converting to metric) and everyone is smiling. I tried to go to the gym but just couldn’t. I walked in, got a key, went downstairs and couldn’t do it. I walked back upstairs and handed the key back to the nice lady. I walked home, got the iBook and here I am. This is what I love about technology.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor. Did you know Mr. Rogers retired last year? But now he is working on an interactive website. I’d pay a lot for the sweater on eBay.

I look a bit butch up in that Pink Betsey Johnson dress, don’t I? I am not real happy with this hair cut but I’ve let the colour go for too long. Actually as I sit here I have fuchsia highlights. Patrick and I were walking home from the gym last weekend and he said, “let’s dye your hair tonight.” As usual, I said sure. We are really happy with the colour though. You’ll see a picture of that soon.

So we have this cool ottoman/coffee table. It is a black patent oversized square. It is sort of too big to be an ottoman and too small to be a coffee table. It sits in front of our couch and is covered in magazines. Some of the magazines are pretty old and the square is sort of overwhelmed with them so I thought I would read them all this weekend and file them away (yes, in the spirit of my pack-rat mother and grandmother, I retain my magazines, I do throw them out when we move though). Anyhow, I have only managed to get through 1 and 7/8th’s so far but I’ve gathered lots of interesting info doing it.

The one I have read completely is this month’s Jane. It is the celebrity issue and was interesting enough. The mag I am 7/8th’s through is Details. Of course it is the Details issue from May. I imagine I got it on one of my biz trips. There are lots of really interesting things in it though. Do you remember the controversial work of art “Christ Piss” by Andres Serrano? It was the plastic crucifix of Christ in a beaker of the artist’s urine. Sent Jessie Helms through the roof. There is an article/interview with him that has a really great photo. It is of the cranially conjoined twins the Schhappell sisters dressed as Velasquez Princesses. It is totally cool. They look really beautiful. (attn.: Mom, they live in Reading PA and HATE it.) Andres does lots of commercial photography these days and some people say he has sold out. I don’t think so. From what I read, it sounds more like the commercial work helps him to see possible artistic works. He photographed Christopher Reeves for US Mag (I think) and wanted to use his Superman costume. Christopher didn’t want to do it but gave Andres the costume. So he took a picture of the slightly rumpled costume all by itself in an empty closet. It ended up being even better that way. I strongly reject the idea that the minute you start taking “real” money for your work it isn’t art anymore. It isn’t art when either you don’t care or you let others manipulate your vision.

Played football again last week. We played the AIR team and won 13-3. Felt much better than the tournament. Alexadre was late again, but we knew he would be. He also wasn’t in charge this time, Basil was. Of course it took a great deal of nagging on my part to get everything squared away and we still weren’t sure we had a ball to play with when we arrived at the field. Men! I don’t know how they get anything accomplished. Of course we have changed the name of the team, again, to Heather’s Hooligans. I will be working on my dedicated football page soon. I am even planning on buying cleats this week.

I’ve been asking around and people seem to think black is ok for a wedding. It will be a rather formal wedding and black is a formal colour.

Broke my fast again this weekend. It was all 50% off though. I own my first Gaultier now. You’d never guess it though. It is a black summer dress with multiple rows of gathers. You’ll see it soon on the page.

BTW, I know I went on about metric and then went right ahead and used standard. 7/8th’s just seems more telling than .875

Tune in next week for my story about the “webcam” that seems to be going on in the flat across the street and one floor down!

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