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Today is Bastille Day isn’t it? Happy independence France!

It was an exhausting week. I was really tired every night. Friday night we went to LKA and danced ourselves “to the knees”. My lower back hurt from getting really into the music. I think I probably look like one of those dorks getting too into the music, but at least I don’t dance with my hair. Of course I don’t have much hair. We heard an awesome Ska version to “Take on Me” by Ah ha. They played on the Koenigisbau last weekend. Apparently Ah ha was much bigger in Germany than the US. I didn’t go because my foot was swollen from football. Sounds like I wouldn’t have liked it much either as it was typically crowded with smelly drunk German people. Now don’t get me wrong. I have lots of German people I like (Alke, Stefan, Marco, Andreas, Heinz, my extended workgroup, etc.) but I don’t really like how they party. Take Volksfest (local Octoberfest). Once was enough for me. They get INCREDIBLY drunk and dance on tables all night, sweating profusely. Germans are happy people when they drink. More open and friendly than any other time, I’d say. How did I get off on this?

I just finished the latest Stephanie Plum mystery. It was fabulous as usual. Not as funny as the last one but a good story. Grandma Mazur is incredible. She is a priceless character. What I want to know is how Lulu affords her cool clothes and newly painted car on a file clerks salary? Does she have stocks she bought from when she was still a ‘Ho? I highly advise you all read the Stephanie Plum books. Obviously author Janet Evanovich has a website which I just went to. Interesting. It is administered by her daughter, age? It has the regular book info, signing dates, newsletter. It also has Janet’s daughters comic strip Batster. It is about her hamster Argus. Now we know where the character Mooner came from.

OK now for the fashion advice. I need some. I am going to my best friend from college, Brett’s, wedding in the bay area in October. I don’t own much more than black and white clothing, as you all know. I have a few dresses in pink but with the exception of one, they are all rather sexy. I want to look different but not distracting at the wedding. Is black and white ok? Should I wear my 1950’s pink patterned dress and dye my hair pink to retain the me-ness? I really need help on this one. I went to a friend’s wedding in college thinking I was looking sedate (knee length dress, muted colors) but it turned out my half shaved head made me instantly memorable in the entire central CA town. Write me with any ideas at

I had a cool dream this morning. It was short even. I thought to myself, in my semiconscious state, that I wanted to remember this one. I didn’t.

I simply must share 2 true tales of Induhvidulas that I got in a recent DNRC newsletter. The first was a story of a coworker that exclaimed he wasn’t a “rocket surgeon”. The other was of a boss trying to inspire his team to deal with the tough times they were facing (maybe it was Carly). This boss was quoted to say “Sometimes you’ve got a monkey on your back and you just have to spank the monkey.” Classic.

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