Yep, football. I played football (soccer for my American friends) this weekend on the department team. That is Klaus on the far left (other team), Aruf next to him in the cute matching top, Nazia walking (!) in the background right, opposing goalie in the center background. And of course me in my Robbie Williams obsessed UK football fan t-shirt, sun glasses and dog collar. Got to intimidate the opposition before you even get on the field. You are wondering to yourself, “Heather, how on earth did you end up on a football team?” Simple. They forgot to ask any girls in the department if they wanted to play, so as soon as I heard that, I invited myself to be on the team. I even recommended a name “2 bitchy women and the boys” (my friend Nazia got roped in a the last minute too). I’m not sure I like football in Europe though. Our FRENCH captain, Alexandre, missed the first game! He told us to be there at 9:00 and he showed up at 9:40, ten minutes into our first 12 minute, half field, 6 players game. I was impressed how good some of my male coworkers were. They were happy with my performance as well. I don’t handle the ball well but I stick to the opponents and generally make a physically nuisance of myself, quite well. I had some admirable steals and interceptions. When I asked how I did, the “great” was quite truthful. With all fairness to the French my workgroup mate Emmanuelle was on time, really good (!!!) and doing us a favor since his real team didn’t play until the afternoon. We also roped in my friend Aruf, who happened to show up in the morning even though his real team didn’t play until the afternoon. Since our captain and his 1st assistant were late, we were down players and I grabbed who I could. Patrick was our cheerleader and cameraman. His was great too (especially after we got home, wink, wink). Oh, yea, and we lost the first (0-1) won the second (3-0), were slaughtered in the third (0-8) and were just to damned tired in the fourth (0-4). I’d do it again. I hit the ground once wrong and my foot is swelling, but I would do it again. Must get appropriate shoes (yippee!).

I had 2 really awesome days at work this week. Like I was super happy with them. Those days I felt I learned things, new things, and participated, gave back to the department and company. I realize that I should be giving back everyday but this was different. Sure I know things and do things for the company everyday. But these days I felt I did something that was unique. Not something the next person can do, I am very “if I were Carly would I fire me” oriented. I expect people to give something special. That is why we want them. Not because they fill a chair and do a job, but because they do something unique. This week I hit that twice. It is an awesome feeling for me. When my boss, Andreas, a very cool guy, had our 1-on-1 he asked if I expected those days every week. I said no, of course. I think he might have been worried I was setting the bar too high for me and the department. I helped create a report too. Sounds trivial but it wasn’t, I just can’t explain any more than that.

I saw a fantastic movie this week, “Intimacy” (unfortunately the only web page I could find is in German but you should check out the trailer at least). It will never play in a regular movie theatre in the US, so don’t even bother, This movie was definitely on the way to an NC-17 or X rating in the US. It was so well made though. It also won the Golden Bear for Best Film and Silver bear for Best Actress at the Berlin film festival. Basically it is about a man and a woman, you don’t know how they meet, who have sex, every Wednesday, at his house. It is very faceless, they don’t know each others names in the beginning, but still…not tender, not sweet but something where they care about each other because they know how the other needs what they have to give. At least that was my interpretation. It gets complicated, of course, and they end up not being wonderful people, but who is? They connect and they are real. The sex scenes are very graphic, thus no play in the US. But it isn’t pornographic. No Hollywood bodies and sex music. Just their sounds and their need. That is the sex we should all be having. The world would be a more peaceful place.

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