my new low muse

Doesn’t this outfit just scream Julia Roberts out for a Latte, or what? Ok, I don’t have the same hips or lips that she does, but you know what I mean! Though I admit there is a high likelihood that these blue glasses are a fad, I can still use them for skiing. The jeans make my butt look good but I wish they did more for my hips. I guess Spinning class is the only thing that can do anything about my hips (thighs really).

I had two interesting German experiences this week.

First, I needed to refill my tummy medication (ok, it is low dose Amitriptyline which probably helps my temperament as well, but it is really for my stomach) and I went to the site doctor to ask if he would write me another prescription. I asked the nurse if it was possible to get a prescription for a year so I didn’t have to keep bugging them. She said no, that isn’t how they do it in Germany. Turns out you can’t even request a larger supply in one prescription either. They monitor the amounts prescribed and only allow a month or so worth. I have just figured out how doctor’s make money here and why women can’t work. You have to go to the doctor EVERY MONTH to get your birth control, insulin, allergy, heart, etc. medication and they charge you 30DM to write the prescription. Actually the nurse writes it, the doc just signs it. What a pain in the arse!

I can’t remember what the second thing was. That’s why I got the book but apparently I forgot to write it down too. I’ll update when I remember.

Today , I think I was insulted by a Clinque beauty rep without realizing it. See, I bought some “exfoliating body polish” for my bikini wax problem (more than you really wanted to know but hey, you’re use to it) and she gave me a free sample of “anti-gravity eye lifting moisturizer”. I’m 31 years old. Do I need anti-gravity products already? I think the reason I didn’t realize the insult right off was the name was so long I didn’t pay any attention. When I got home and went to open it, I discovered the slight. What do you think?

I went to one of the, if not the, coolest show last night. It was a band called Muse. The lead singer has the most incredible control over his voice. His range is incredible and it didn’t even sound like he was struggling for the high notes, like some guys do. His guitar playing was amazing as well. Though I must admit the music has a distinct style that makes it all sound vaguely alike, I really like the style. As opposed to the normal reason for wanting to meet the band (jumping their bones), I wanted to meet this guy and ask him where he learned to be such an incredible musician. Were his parents virtuosos? Did they send him to a special school when he was 2? After that, would be when I would jump him. The concert t-shirts sucked though so I didn’t get one.

I’m going to buy a Pezi ball to sit on at work. My Shape magazine this month says that if you sit on that at work you don’t have to do crunches but your stomach will get stronger. I am sure my coworkers will think I am insane as usual, until they see my stomach at the end of Summer. HA!

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