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For those looking for Betty’s Ausstand, please go to Betty’s Gone.

Look I wore pink this week. Don’t I look cute?

Just so you know, today is school loan payment day.

Been a slow week. I’m feeling rather lame in my job. The two other guys in my workgroup are working like mad on the 4.6 upgrade and various production problems. I have strategic projects. I have to ask lots of people, lots of questions and then wait. I have learned a new trick though. So far it has worked 100% of the time. What I do is send someone a message with what information I am looking for and what I would like to meet with them about and then, as the last sentence of the e-mail, I say, “I’ll bake you cookies.” For those of you that haven’t been graced with my cookies, they’re worth having a meeting for.

I thought of adding another page to my site. A simple one topic page. “The Dog House” It would have a picture of a dog house and then inside would be whomever (?) deserved it that week. There would be a short explanation of why below it. Anyone can send me a mail and nominate someone to be in the doghouse for a week. I think Dubja could be the first resident when China bombs Taiwan because of his stupid-ass comments. I asked Patrick what he thought of the idea. He said he didn’t really see the point to the page. I said, “You’re just afraid you’ll end up in it too often.” He admitted that was it. Sad marriage huh?

Most of you that know me probably won’t agree with this but I have decided I am NOT high maintenance. I have high expectations and I’m labor intensive, but high maintenance suggests that all the work is for my benefit alone. This is not true. Much of what I push others to do is for the group, organization, company, marriage, etc. I also reciprocate. I ask if there is anything I can do for you. Anyhow, I had just been thinking about that so I thought I would mention it.

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