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betty's ausstand

For those looking for Betty’s Ausstand, please go to Betty’s Gone.

Look I wore pink this week. Don’t I look cute?

Just so you know, today is school loan payment day.

Been a slow week. I’m feeling rather lame in my job. The two other guys in my workgroup are working like mad on the 4.6 upgrade and various production problems. I have strategic projects. I have to ask lots of people, lots of questions and then wait. I have learned a new trick though. So far it has worked 100% of the time. What I do is send someone a message with what information I am looking for and what I would like to meet with them about and then, as the last sentence of the e-mail, I say, “I’ll bake you cookies.” For those of you that haven’t been graced with my cookies, they’re worth having a meeting for.

I thought of adding another page to my site. A simple one topic page. “The Dog House” It would have a picture of a dog house and then inside would be whomever (?) deserved it that week. There would be a short explanation of why below it. Anyone can send me a mail and nominate someone to be in the doghouse for a week. I think Dubja could be the first resident when China bombs Taiwan because of his stupid-ass comments. I asked Patrick what he thought of the idea. He said he didn’t really see the point to the page. I said, “You’re just afraid you’ll end up in it too often.” He admitted that was it. Sad marriage huh?

Most of you that know me probably won’t agree with this but I have decided I am NOT high maintenance. I have high expectations and I’m labor intensive, but high maintenance suggests that all the work is for my benefit alone. This is not true. Much of what I push others to do is for the group, organization, company, marriage, etc. I also reciprocate. I ask if there is anything I can do for you. Anyhow, I had just been thinking about that so I thought I would mention it.

shopping with real live germans

My clothing fast is going ok. Thanks for asking.

This last weekend I had an interesting cultural experience. Don’t laugh but I went shopping with my friend Alka and her teenage daughters. I wanted to see the difference/similarities between American and Germany teenagers in the shopping atmosphere. The thing I noticed the most was that Xena and Ana were no where near as aggressive as American teens. This was nice. We went into this one “Wet Seal” type store and I was really overwhelmed by all the stuff. There was so much stuff. Grouped by colors. Packed in. Ana said that wasn’t the type of store you by things in but that you go to see what the “in style” is. Of course she showed her mom a purple sparkle halter top with metal neck band.

Most of the stuff I have been writing in my new book is books and movies I want to see. There were a couple of quotes. I did encounter something I found really amusing at McD’s. With the BSE scare here, McD’s has started offering “alternative” burgers. Remember “the other white meat” by the pork farmers in the US a few years back. Welcome to the next wave…”Pork and Bacon” and “Pork and Cheese” burgers now at your closet McDonald’s. Amazing!

Work is fine. We decided to go to Budapest for the 4 day weekend in June. This will provide my first shopping challenge. There is a great designer there called “Manier”. I got some really great stuff there summer before last. Seems a shame to go all the way to Budapest and not go again. What do you think? Cash budget?

I have my private Spinning class tonight. I took one Spinning class previously. Hated it. Thought I was going to die. Then I found out it was intermediate not beginning. I went with my friend Bettina and she purposely didn’t tell me it was intermediate because she knew I wouldn’t go. She was right. I went. I hated it. I’m going to give Adrian a chance. Of course when I did the leg workout last week he had devised for me, I couldn’t walk down stairs until Sunday! Alke said I was embarrassing. Hey! I went to the gym, didn’t I?

clothing fast

So many things to say. So little time. I bought a lovely little notebook this weekend that I am writing various ideas and general junk that pops into my head, whenever it pops. I’m always hearing quotes or reading about movies and I think to myself “that’s cool, got to write that down.” But usually I wouldn’t, and then I’d forget. Now I have the notebook for instant recording. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a Ted Kaczinski-type notebook. If I start to sound weirder than I usually do, please come and take it away.

Since I got my notebook, I have written down a bunch of new quotes that I have added to the quote page. Most of them are with a friend in mind. They need to put them self first and won’t.

Now the big news. I’m going on a 6 month clothing fast! It started April 15th (had nothing to do with my taxes which KPMG hasn’t finished yet). Besides needing to rein in on my most compulsive habit, I thought it might help my ever increasing vanity. This whole working out thing is really having an impact and I just love buying new clothes to show it off. Got to stop.

I know what you are saying to yourself, you are saying, “Heather, being the good Catholic that you are..” ZAP! (you were struck by lightening.) Ok, what you were going to say before God stopped you from uttering blasphemy was, why didn’t I just give up clothes (buying them) for Lent. It’s only 40 days? Because I hadn’t thought of it then and 6 months is better for my financial position.
So, if you see new clothes on the clothes page, they aren’t new (you can check with Patrick).
Patrick and I have implemented a new process..”What is Heather wearing today?” Patrick takes a picture of me as I am walking out the door for work. This is much more simple than setting aside an entire weekend to play fashion model. This way I can save my weekends for…uh…going to have to think about this.
Oh and BTW I have added a new link. My To Do page. Theory is if I expose all my To Do’s to you, when I put them on the list and when they actually got done, I’ll do them faster for fear of ridicule. It’s a theory. I actually stole the concept from Disgruntled House She has a page for frivolous new purchases. There has been anything new in a while because as she says,

“This should probably be Stupid Crap I Bought Last Month. As I suspected, making myself publicly own up to my shopping shame really has curbed my habit. Twice since I started this page I’ve abandoned cartsful of nonsense in Target.”

Lets hope it works for me.

new boots

So they finally arrived and aren’t they beautiful?! I love my new boots. The service I received from Diamond W was exquisite as well. Believe or not they are incredibly comfortable. I never realized that Cowboy boots were so comfortable. Now I know why Cowboys wear them.

The hair has grown out a lot. If I don’t goop it, it looks fuzzy. When you are all tired of the boots, I’ll add a new hair picture. Any requests for the next do?

Our capitol is boring. Sure there are the buildings in which our country is run, but I am not particularly impressed with the people who run the country so why should I care about the buildings? We did have a nice time sitting in Starbucks and Barnes and Noble reading books and drinking coffee. Did a fair amount, ok maybe more than my fair share, of shopping. Spent WAY too much time in Betsey Johnson.

I had my own epiphany last week. What drives me is trying to make things better. As long as the job is trying to improve things, I’m happy. As soon as the trying stops, I do. I now understand why I am so bitter over Inventory Integrity. Management stopped trying but weren’t willing to admit it or inform me about it. What I have also realized is I am probably in the wrong industry. I could be a consultant except for two things, 1) my hair 2) lots of times just because a company hires a consultant doesn’t mean they are really trying and I won’t be able to tell them to f$%@ off. So what is left? People tell me I listen well and see things clearly. Perhaps I should have been a therapist. I’ve always thought I had too many issues of my own. Of course I have meet a number of therapists that aren’t “well adjusted adults” (whatever that means).

Lastly, I just thought I would let you know I have achieved Enlightenment. Not Nirvana, but definitely Enlightenment. I get it now. I know what the point is. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t have my own issues still. Got that career problem at least. Anyhow I just feel really good about it all now. It’s a great place to be.