communication and compromise

I’m feeling much perkier now. Thanks for all the cards and calls (total received = 0). I know you are all busy. That’s why I am here to share something fascinating and important with you. I read it just tonight in my March edition of The Wellness Letter (

“The best way to tell if you are getting enough fluid: your urine will be pale yellow. Dark yellow urine means you need to drink more fluids”

Isn’t that fascinating? I have always wondered what made it change colors AND how I could know if I was drinking enough liquid. I mean everyone knows how Asparagus changes the smell of pee, but what about changes in color? And now I know that when I am drinking LOTS of coffee and my pee is very pale, it’s a good thing! (The article said you didn’t just have to drink water. And, yes, I do know the downside of too much coffee.) Anyhow, I have always wondered that so I thought I would share.

Saw Robbie Williams last week. It was just as I expected, entertaining. Not really my kind of music but he gives a good show. The crowd was much older than I expected. Not too many screaming teens. Lots of smart boyfriends in attendance.

Lastly, I have some advice for the men. Actually it comes from Patrick. When we got home, after our hurried Saturday of shopping, I asked if we were going to go out again. I said, if we weren’t going out, I was going to put on something more comfortable. Patrick decided we would stay in. So, I started out of my skirt and said, “I don’t need to wear these thong underwear if we are staying in, but as a conciliation I won’t wear any underwear”. This, of course, made Patrick smile and remark, (here is the advice men) “A good relationship is just about communication and compromise”.

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