Monthly Archives: February 2001

blah blah blah *i need titles

Not a lot to report this week. First week in BIS. Actually I feel smarter than I thought I would. Turns out I know more about financial flows than I realized.

Did you see the episode of “Angel” where Cordelia gets a little hot and bothered when a guy talks about financial options for their new building? I think I understand how she felt. Sort of sick, but sort of cool too. I mean now my husband can whisper something other than famous shoe designers in my ear if he wants some.

new jobs and parties *still no titles, poo*

Well I’ve done it. I’ve gone to the dark side. No, not Microsoft. What do you take me for a whore?! I now work for BIS Finance Support. I’m the Finance expert (don’t laugh.) I’ve recently realized that my financial skills are not weak, I am simply balance sheet oriented instead of P & L oriented. Ok, I know that the balance sheet is “unsexy” but I’ve always been into the unsexy projects. I will be analyzing issues and working to improve our finance capabilities on the N8 instance of SAP (that’s the dark side part, ask anyone.)

I’m really relieved to have finally made the decision and move. It is going incredibly smoothly too. It’s scary. They have a desk with a phone AND lan connection. I move officially Monday. Wish me luck and please have mercy on me if I start mumbling about income accounts and SAP tables.

Patrick and Heather’s Party Productions presents: the Second Annual Interim Summer Party! 50+ of our closest friends will be coming over to our very hot flat tomorrow night to drink our booze and eat Patrick’s cooking. I will of course be the hostess with the mostess! Look for incriminating pictures on Monday! Wish you could be here.